The Finches are:
Jason + Ela

The Finches are a lifestyle photography team Jason and Ela. They aim to document stories, and capture life as it unfolds. The Finches are an Editorial, Life + Style photographer duo who aim to capture life and connecting moments through photographs.

The Finches are based in Chicago, and travel all over. Jason has a background in photojournalism and sports photography and Ela has a background in design and fine art. Their forces combine for some pretty amazing photos both on location and in studio.


I love the Last Week Tonight and I secretly still aspire to host my own talk show. I love NPR podcasts, and reading books on my iPad/iPhone.

I love our shoebox city apartment- it allows me to moderate my bazillion hobbies from beer brewing on the back porch 5 gallons at a time to keeping a vertical herb garden with a shoe organizer. It's kind of like cooking, but with baby potatoes you know? Plus, it's an excellent excuse to have a cigar collection... because they're small. I'm a collection of different things- in high school I was on the football team, but also a band geek. I still could eat pizza for every meal and continuously watch Arrested Development on a loop if you let me.

Louis CK is my favorite comedian.

My key to life is if you're not having fun, then you're not doing it right.

Whenever I can make Ela laugh consider my day made.


Hi, I'm Ela- with one L, not two... all you really need is one anyway. I'm the lover of all things color... pattern, you name it. Jason is my best friend- which is a good thing because we are together A LOT. In middle school I was voted "craziest dresser" and thankfully learned to tone it down a bit since then. I'm a big fan of Phil Collins, Wilco and Ke$ha... all rolled into one.

I love brunch- the word, and especially the groupings of wonderful people, delicious food, and mimosas early in the day. Brunch is the best (besides Jason and Charlie of course).

I'm also a big fan of lists... I'd be lost without them in a sea of multi colored sticky notes all over my desk... So I give you my list of everything else: Ethiopian Food, Atlases, House Plants, Yellow Umbrellas, Bacon, Scrabble, Zorro, Smoothies, Hugs, Picnics, Pixar, Sea Cucumbers, English Cucumbers, Pineapples, Swimming Across Lakes, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mario Theme Sons, Macaroni & Cheese, Recycling, Helium, Pinenuts, Groove, Rust, Nutella, and New Girl.